The rise of branded residences

You may have seen in the news recently that “Former Manchester United star Gary Neville seeks buyers for branded property units in Manchester”. One by one, the world’s most lavish hoteliers have scoped out new plots, to find the perfect locations for their trademark five-star service. The 41-storey tower coming to Manchester will house the city’s first branded residences and a five-star hotel.



What are branded residences?

In the most straightforward terms, branded residences involve a partnership between a property developer and a brand that is typically well-known and respected. This brand association adds value to the property and appeals to buyers seeking a certain lifestyle or level of prestige. The real appeal comes with the level of integrated service that these exclusive properties offer. Typically, they can come with a range of high-end amenities and services. This can include access to spas, fitness centres, concierge services, fine dining, and other exclusive offerings that enhance the residents’ quality of life.

What impact can branded residences have in the housing market, particularly in Manchester?

These types of developments often carry a sense of prestige and exclusivity. The association with well-known brands could enhance the overall appeal of the property market in Manchester, attracting high-net-worth individuals and investors seeking a luxurious and reputable living experience. The presence of branded residences would likely diversify the property market in Manchester. These developments cater to a niche market looking for unique and high-end living spaces, providing additional options beyond traditional real estate offerings.

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A new landmark destination in Manchester

Prices range from £350,000 – £6,000,000.

Introducing the very first regional branded residences in Manchester. The development offers only 217 highly curated residences from the 17th to the 43rd floor, many of which benefit from private balconies and aspects of Manchester’s most famous landmarks.


How does the pricing of branded residential compare to non-branded stock?

Branded residences operate predominantly within the prime end of local residential markets. Associations of quality, luxury, and service which accompany brand affiliation can encourage premium pricing compared to other comparable non-branded stock in the market. However, in a market such as Manchester’s which is ever growing, the new development caters to a range of price brackets starting from £350,000 up to £6,000,000 catering to both first time buyers and luxury real estate investors.

Are branded residences a good investment?


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