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We’ve partnered with Goodlord to offer our tenants and landlords a speedy rental experience that can be completed from anywhere. This online platform helps tenants get into their new homes as quickly as possible, with a streamlined, digital application process including contract signing, deposit payments and an audit trail of all documents supplied to help landlords stay compliant.

Goodlord’s cloud-based solution also offers extra products, making the referencing journey easier than ever before with the latest technologies, such as open banking and bank-grade ID checks, and giving our tenants and landlords access to exclusive services. From broadband and media offers and utility switching options for tenants, to Rent Protection Insurance and void management opportunities for our landlords, Goodlord helps us to meet all your rental needs. Want to learn more?

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Built for landlords in mind..

We’ve partnered with Goodlord, the award-winning lettings solution and online platform, to help your tenants move into their new homes as quickly as possible, with a streamlined, digital application process including e-signing and e-payments that can be completed from anywhere, an online audit trail of all documents supplied, and comprehensive and robust referencing checks. Want to learn more?

Rent collection, chasing, and reconciliation of your payments are done for you with our payments service. With Goodlord, each tenant will have a unique account number, so 100% of your rent payments will be correctly referenced, making reconciliation and collecting rent painless.

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And your tenants will love it too…

Goodlord will guide your tenants through the simple application process that they can complete from anywhere, with digital contract signing and deposit payments, as well as additional services such as a referencing process using the latest technologies and the chance to get their utilities, council tax and water set up.

They will even be able to access a number of exclusive offers to help them get into their new home quickly, from van rentals and cleaning services, helping them prepare for the big day, to broadband and media deals – so they are connected from day one. Want to learn more?

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