The impact of football on Manchester's growing property market

With Manchester City’s recent success in winning the treble, and Manchester United having one of the largest fan bases in the world, we are looking at the relationship between football and its impact on the property market in Manchester. Here are a few ways in which they coincide:


The success and global recognition of Manchester’s football clubs contribute significantly to the city’s economy. This, in turn, has a
positive impact on the property market. The presence of successful football clubs attracts businesses, investors, and individuals to the city, leading to job creation, increased tourism, and higher demand for properties. Property developers take advantage of this demand by developing properties near football
stadiums and other related areas. This heightened demand for housing has also resulted in rising property prices and a buoyant market.

The presence of successful football clubs has played a
crucial role in the regeneration of certain areas in Manchester. For instance, the redevelopment of the area around Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium and the surrounding neighbourhoods has brought about significant improvements in infrastructure, housing, and commercial spaces. These developments have led to an increase in property values and attracted further investment in the area.


The Bailey, Manchester

Prices from £237,000

Located in Old Trafford, The Bailey is a modern development comprised of 104 one and two-bed apartments. The Bailey is believed to be extremely popular with tenants. The Manchester United Stadium is just 13 minutes away via Tram or a walkable distance for many, that continue to underpin Manchester’s robust rental market. 

Football clubs require robust infrastructure to support their operations, including stadiums, training facilities, and other amenities. The development of such infrastructure often leads to the creation of new properties and commercial spaces in the surrounding areas. Property developers seize the opportunity to cater to the needs of football clubs and their fan base, contributing to the overall growth of the property market.

Manchester’s football clubs enjoy worldwide recognition and have a significant influence on the city’s reputation. The success and international appeal of these clubs elevate Manchester’s profile as a global sporting destination. This heightened prestige enhances the city’s overall attractiveness, making it an appealing location for property investment, both domestically and internationally.

Overall, the relationship between football and property in Manchester is a symbiotic one. Football clubs and their success drive economic growth, which stimulates the property market. At the same time, property development and investment support the infrastructure and amenities needed to sustain the footballing culture and attract fans and investors to the city. With Manchester United showing no signs of losing its huge worldwide following, and Manchester City continuing its dominant force in English football, property prices are expected to increase by 57% by the end of 2028. This is the highest projection among all the major UK cities.

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