The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to life as we knew it and it has certainly brought about a change to how we market properties, and conduct viewings. Gone is the day when it is as simple as advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla, as many prospective tenants and buyers now want to view a video tour of the property prior to committing to an in-person viewing. Therefore, the importance of a well shot property tour video is ever increasing as nowadays this is very often the first impression that a prospective tenant or buyer will get of the property.

Vesper Group has recently invested in creating professionally shot videos of the properties that we are marketing. These videos have received excellent feedback and have generated many enquiries from buyers. In addition to this, we have recently started working with YouTube property influencers to feature our clients’ properties on their channel. These videos amass thousands of views and are a great way to aid our marketing strategy for our clients’ properties.

It has become increasingly apparent that portals are not the only places tenants and buyers are looking for new properties. Over the past 12 months we have seen a move from individuals just looking at the traditional platforms for a new property and the likes of Facebook Marketplace, YouTube, Instagram and recently TikTok have become paramount in engaging tenants and buyers.

Vesper Group recently launched our TikTok account and the far-reaching nature of it has become evident very quickly. In fact, a property tour we posted went viral and was viewed by over 330,000 people in 24 hours. The question that we often get asked is does this directly lead to helping us find a tenant or buyer for the property? This video has led to several enquires and requests for brochures so it is safe to say this type of marketing can undoubtedly accelerate the process of finding a tenant or buyer for your property.