Spotlight on MediaCityUK: Why invest here?

 MediaCityUK can be an attractive location for property investment due to its status as a prominent media and creative hub in the UK. Here are some factors that make it appealing for property investment.

Vibrant Media and Creative Hub: MediaCityUK is home to major media organizations, including the BBC, ITV, and numerous production companies. The presence of these companies creates a strong demand for rental properties, especially among professionals working in the media and creative industries.

Rental Demand: MediaCityUK attracts a steady stream of professionals seeking rental accommodation close to their workplaces. The demand for rental properties is generally high, which can potentially lead to good rental yields for property investors.

X1MA PF Cam 08 Vesper Group

Platinum Tower, MediaCityUK

Achieve 6% rental yields for 5 years.

Platinum Tower features four iconic towers, each with unique façades with a stunning architectural design. 

Each tower is set within a modern landscaped public realm, which features cafe spaces, restaurants, retail and office space alongside the residential offer. Providing 365 exclusive luxury apartments to the home of the UK’s media, an incredibly exciting place to live, work and play.

Strong Capital Growth Potential: As MediaCityUK continues to develop and expand, there is potential for long-term capital growth. The area has seen significant investment in infrastructure, amenities, and residential developments, which can contribute to property value appreciation over time.

Regeneration and Development: MediaCityUK is part of a broader regeneration project in Salford Quays. Ongoing development and investment in the area can enhance its appeal and attractiveness for residents and businesses, positively impacting property values.

Lifestyle and Amenities: MediaCityUK offers a vibrant lifestyle with a range of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centres, theatres, and recreational spaces. The presence of cultural and entertainment facilities adds to the overall desirability of the area, making it appealing for tenants and potential property buyers.

MED EX 6a 1 Vesper Group

Media City Tower, MediaCityUK

Last Remaining Unit left with 2 Years Rent Guarantee at 6% (Nett).

Located in the thriving area of Manchester’s Media City, X1 Media City dominated the media City skyline, being the largest residential development in the North West.

The eye catching design and waterfront location of the Media City Towers fills the gap in the rental market. Providing a long term investment opportunity and an unparalleled contribution to any property portfolio.

Transport Links: The area benefits from excellent transport connectivity, with the Metrolink tram system providing convenient access to Manchester city centre and other parts of Greater Manchester. Additionally, major road networks and proximity to Manchester Airport further enhance accessibility.

Diversification and Investment Portfolio: Investing in MediaCityUK can offer diversification for property investors looking to expand their portfolio beyond traditional residential or commercial properties. There are opportunities to invest in purpose-built developments, mixed-use properties, or serviced apartments catering specifically to the needs of media professionals.

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