It may not seem possible, but out there, in the wide world of renters, there is the perfect tenant just waiting to rent your property. But the trouble is, how do you find them? Being a landlord and finding a perfect tenant isn’t always the easiest of things to do, however, there are ways that you can try to make it easier for yourself.
To help you along the way, we have put together our guide on how to find the perfect tenant for your rental property.

Check their employment status

Whilst employment status can change whilst someone lives in your property, this should be one of the main things that you take a look at. It is a good idea to check whether or not your prospective tenant has a stable job and the amount of money that they earn on a regular basis. They will need to be able to provide this to you. If they are self-employed then you will want to see that they can prove to you how much they take home in profit.
Can they legally rent in the UK?
With more and more people moving to and living in the UK, it has become much more commonplace to rent to someone who was not born in the UK. As a landlord you are not able to discriminate about who lives in your property due to their race, religion or nationality. However, you do need to check that they are legally able to rent in the UK.

Always do your background checks

There really is no excuse not to take the time to perform all the background checks on your tenants. If you use the services of a letting agent, then they will usually be responsible for this particular part of the process, however, for private landlords, they will need to perform it. You should always take a look at the basic affordability of the person looking to rent the property and also whether or not they have any references from previous landlords. You should also take a look at their credit report to ensure that they have a good approach to making payments.

Meet them

You should never underestimate the power of meeting someone in person. Especially if you are trusting them to live in your property. Always arrange to meet prospective tenants before you sign anything allowing them to live in your property. This will ensure that you feel comfortable them living there, as well as put their mind at rest as to the type of landlord you will be.

Always carry on working with them

Whilst a tenant may be ideal to start with, if you don’t make the effort to keep up that relationship, then you may find that they don’t stay that way. It is important that you always make the effort to carry on working with them, throughout their tenancy. Make sure that they feel comfortable contacting you if there is a problem as well as being able to come to you with any requests or questions that they may have.
As you can see, finding the ideal tenant need not be impossible. Why not try these top tips out for yourself and see if you can be rewarded with long-term, incredibly happy tenants.