Spotlight on Ancoats: Why invest here?

Ancoats has experienced significant revitalisation and has become an attractive destination for people seeking an urban lifestyle with a community feel. Its mix of history, modernity, cultural offerings, and convenient location make it a popular place to live and invest in property for several reasons:


Regeneration and Development: Ancoats has undergone significant regeneration efforts in recent years, transforming it from a neglected industrial area into a thriving neighborhood. The area has seen substantial investment, with the redevelopment of historic buildings, creation of new residential and commercial spaces, and improvement of public infrastructure. This ongoing development enhances the desirability and potential for property value appreciation.

Proximity to Manchester City Centre: Ancoats is located just east of Manchester city center, making it highly accessible and appealing to residents and businesses alike. Its close proximity to the city center means residents have easy access to employment opportunities, cultural attractions, shopping centers, and transportation hubs. This convenience contributes to the area’s popularity and potential for rental demand.

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The Forum, Manchester

Achieve 6% Gross Assured Rent For The 1st Year.

The Forum, Manchester is located a short walk from Ancoats and the Northern Quarter and in the heart of the Northern Gateway regeneration. The scheme features 90 luxury apartments and additional residents facilities including a lounge, communal gardens and parking. The Forum is the perfect development for professionals and families alike.

Cultural and Social Scene: Ancoats has a thriving cultural and social scene, with a range of amenities, including art galleries, music venues, independent shops, and trendy cafes. The area’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit contributes to its appeal among residents and visitors. The presence of such amenities can positively impact property values and rental demand.

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Ancoats Gardens, Manchester

Achieve 6% Gross Assured Rent For The 1st Year.

Ancoats Gardens is a sustainable, new-build development aimed at professionals seeking a sophisticated, convenient and social living experience in the heart of Manchester city centre. Featuring 155 high-spec 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, the development will also boast its own exclusive gym, private gardens, coffee roastery and shared social space for tenants.

Rental Yields: The combination of rising property prices and strong rental demand in Ancoats has the potential to generate attractive rental yields. Rental yield is the return on investment generated by the rental income compared to the property’s purchase price. Depending on the specific property and market conditions, investors may be able to achieve favourable rental yields in Ancoats.

Future Growth Potential: Ancoats continues to evolve, with ongoing development plans and investment in infrastructure. This suggests that the area may experience further growth and improvement in the coming years. Investing in Ancoats now could position investors to benefit from potential future appreciation in property values.

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It’s important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any property investment. Consider factors such as property prices, rental yields, local market conditions, future developments, and the overall economic outlook. Here at Vesper Group we can provide valuable guidance throughout the investment process.

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